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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Overcoming SADD

"Hold My hand...Together...I am your Guide, as well as your constant Companion. I know every step of the journey ahead of you, all the way to heaven. I am the Way, stay close...focus your thoughts on Me. Just concentrate on enjoying Me...staying in step with Me." (227)
How easily I can be distracted, with worries or even with wonderful blessings that take my focus off of Him! It reminds me of a type of Attention Deficit Disorder that wrecks havoc on our souls. I've come to call it...Spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder. Too many of us suffer from SADD!!
I find it quite applicable because once my focus is misdirected I will grow continually more and more SADD!
Refocused and Ready to be GLAD (God's Loyal Attentive Disciple)...dmc


  1. "You don't have to choose between staying close to Me and staying on course. Since I am the Way, staying close to Me is staying on course." Reading the scriptures with this is so comforting and stress relieving knowing I don't have to try to "do it all." It's like when I get overwhelmed thinking of all the things I need to do and wondering how I am going to get it done. I don't know how many times I have looked to God and said there are not enough hours in the day for all this, but by the end of the day, it was all done! If I focus on Him, it's amazing what He can accomplish, so why should I look anywhere else?

  2. I agree, Melissa...when it's all said and done... I never regret my quiet times with God. All other time demands pale in light of spending time with Him.

  3. I’ve noticed that some things on my list just disappear because God had other plans better than mine! It’s amazing how he takes care of things so why did I “fret”? I do believe that God wants us to be responsible, so planning is wise as long as it is committed to Him for HIS flexibility.