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Monday, August 23, 2010

Promise for Parents

"Entrust your loved ones to Me...They are much safer with Me than in your clinging hands. When you release (them) you are free to cling to My hand (and) I am free to shower blessings on them...relax and...watch to see what I will do." (246)
My precious friend, Lori, tearfully shared the most beautiful example of this in our Truth & Dialog bible study last week. Here is her testimony...

Since my son was going to be leaving for the Air Force Basic Training I decided to look ahead to the 23rd of August to just see what it said. The devotional for today was written for me and every other mother that is struggling with children moving on either to college or to the military. The first line was like WOW! As I read thru the devotional, I saw I needed to release him so God could bless him. That had such a impact on me! I need not "idolize" my relationship or my love for my son because God would watch over him and I needed to keep my thoughts on God. I have been so excited about this devotional jewel. I have told everyone about what God was telling me for this very day, the day he leaves for military training. The peace I have in my heart tells me that this is a good thing for him.

Thank you, Lori, for speaking to all mothers who are releasing their precious children into this uncertain world. Whether it be kindergarten, the military, a surgical procedure, a new babysitter, or whatever...we have a God who will gently lead our young, as "He gently leads those (of us) that have young!" (Isaiah 40:11 NIV) No matter what their age, we're...
Releasing & Rejoicing...dmc

"God, thank you for watching over Garrett. Shower him with blessings as we place him in Your Hands...and hold Lori's hand as You gently lead her through each day!"


  1. When I first read the devotional for today I thought “my children are grown, married and have their own children so I guess I’m beyond this point in my life." Then I read your comments, Dawn. “No matter what their age, we're...Releasing & Rejoicing.” How true!
    Being a parent is definitely a lifetime commitment. I have prayed and released many times and I must keep on praying and releasing. A friend once told me that when one’s children leave home (whether for college, the military, marriage or whatever) there are just MORE people and reasons to pray for—spouses, grandchildren, coworkers, etc. Thus the responsibilities are just as great or greater, but different. Is there really such a thing as an "empty nest"?!

  2. Amelia, good point about empty nest!
    I try to read the Proverbs for today and lo and behold, in today's Proverbs it talks about not spoiling your child and making sure you disipline him/her. Thought that was very interesting! Neat how the Proverbs of the day went along with the devotion for today. God is good!

  3. What a great devotional today! For many of us who are experiencing a child going to college for the first time this is so encouraging! I know several ladies that would benefit from this.

    On another note I would like to ask for prayer for a friend who lost her baby on Saturday. Her comment, "Grace Marie Ikenberry was born early Sat morn she couldn't wait to be born. Heaven saw how beautiful she was and then called her name and so an angel she became." Please pray for this family. Thank you!

  4. We pray for all parents who are releasing children. Especially for your friend, Melissa, who has released her precious baby into God Presence. These kinds of releases cut deep into a Mother's Heart. God certainly understands...He made us to love so deeply!