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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pits of Pity & Plateaus of Pride

"Try to stay conscious of Me...My Presence with you is both a promise and a protection. As you journey (watch out for) pits of self-pity and...plateaus of pride." (302)
There's such glorious freedom to those who have discovered the pathway of promise where Jesus' Presence protects and empowers.
I picture the pathway of His Presence much like the infamous Road to Hana and the even riskier road beyond Hana that cautiously sneaks along Maui's rugged northeasterly coast line until it enters the volcanic lava fields along the southeastern edge of the island.  It's a daring, often one-lane journey cut into jagged cliffs with ocean waves crashing below and steep, rocky ledges of volcanic rock towering overhead on the opposite side of the road.  Signs along the way give numerous warnings.
When we made our memorable trek around the island, we were captured with its breath-taking beauty and its brazen, bold, even daring terrain. The signs were right!  Both sides of the road were laden with risk, certain death, if one became careless or distracted.
Heeding warning signs on this life's journey is wise.  Pits of self-pity create a dangerously victimized state of mind while plateaus of pride boast of elevated grandiosity.  Both leave one stranded and desperately alone. One is self-depreciating the other is self-exalting, but both are the result of being overly self-focused.
The Presence of Jesus protects us from the extremes on our pathway of life. He promises that He will not lead us astray or endanger us.
Staying Close & Focused on Jesus...dmc


  1. I noticed that you include scriptures within your posts. Are these the same as the ones listed with each daily devotional in Jesus Calling or verses that resonate with you? Thanks so much!

  2. I like your analogy of the road to Hana. I, too, personally find that my journey with Christ is much like driving; tons of little adjustments moment to moment. It's fairly easy to spot when I need an adjustment - I just take stock of how peaceful I feel. These adjustments, more often than not, are to my perception versus some physical act or shift in the situation.

    With that said, I can pray that Jesus change a situation, but the reality is the situation may play a key role in deepening my spirituality. In such instances, Jesus gives me the incredible ability to shift my perception of the situation. This answer to my prayer that shifts my perception transforms tribulations in my life into tributes to Jesus.

    Incredibly, less than five months ago, I considered myself agnostic, but through the untimely deaths of both my parents in October 2014 and February 2015, respectively, my life has transformed. Anyway, enough said. Thanks for your blog!