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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Staying Power

"Look to Me continually for help, comfort and companionship...the briefest glance can connect you with Me... My constant Companionship is the piece de resistance: the summit of salvation blessings." (303)
The French term "piece de resistance" means "most significant, important or outstanding." It comes from pi├Ęce, piece + de, of, with + r├ęsistance. It basically represents the essence of staying power or lastingness in the long, long haul of life.
If we were to list all the blessings that are included in a growing relationship with Jesus, I would put several at the very top of my list as Best or Most Rewarding. They would be... an eternity in heaven and the wonderful intimate, close relationship I can enjoy every day!
Our daily life and our eternal life are significantly impacted because of Jesus! He gives us the "staying power" that impacts our lives over and over, day after day all the way into eternity!
Enjoying Him...dmc

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