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Sunday, April 17, 2016

God's Right & Left Hand Ways

I was captured by today's scripture reading in Isaiah 41:10-13. In verse 10, God is holding on to us with HIS "righteous right hand," strengthening, helping and sustaining us. Then, in verse 13, God is holding OUR right hand as He is stepping in to "help" and to deal with those who "contend" with us and "war against" us, as referenced in verses 11 & 12.
This reminds me of how a loving, protective father would offer his right hand of support to his child. However, when that child is under some threat or attack, and the father needs to step in next to his child, the father's right hand is now coming against the attacker or threatening situation to protect his child. Most likely standing side-by-side holding that child's right hand with, now, his left hand.
I love the benefits that come with God's right hand, however, when He has moved to MY right side and my right hand is holding His left hand, it's because His right hand is actively waging war against those "unexpected events" that try to "throw (me) off course." (112)
Sometimes it seems as if things have changed and I'm on the other side of God, that He's dealing with something beyond me. This is when I am tempted to think He's forgotten about me or has been distracted, however, scripture says that is not true... He has moved into action, protecting me from an unseen and unauthorized threat.  No matter what, on the right of left, I'm grateful to be...
Side by Side with the Father...dmc

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  1. Hi Dawn, I just decided to google Jesus Calling because I've been using Sarah Young's devotional since the end of last year and it is the only devotional and book (other than my Bible) that I faithfully attend to reading every single day. I am 100% convinced that the Holy Spirit inspired Sarah to write this for us and He is using it every day to speak to us along with the Word. I marvel at how He does this because every day when I read it, it is exactly -- I mean EXACTLY -- what I needed to hear for that day so I know my Lord is speaking through this. Anyway, I must have been led to find your blog because I have been wanting to share this devotional and discuss it with so many of my friends. I've inspired many to start reading it.

    So today's message, the scripture reference Psalm 112:7 "He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord." This scripture spoke to me because of something Joyce Meyer said about "evil forebodings" Prov 15:15 which is the fear of something bad happening when nothing was going wrong, the "what ifs" and dealing with our expectations and outlook. We MUST TRUST in the Lord that He has good things planned for us and only He knows the difficult times that lay ahead for us around the corner but by His grace and His presence we will get through those too. Our expectations should be to not fear bad news but to trust Him and no matter what happens to remain steady because He will help us cope with it.

    I have been called into a place of business to meet them and discuss a job offer and orientation. I made it through 3 interviews and now I get to ask the questions and negotiate. I am trusting that God wants me there at this job and will continue blessing me as His presence will be with me every minute. Thank you, Lord for your wisdom, boldness and direction. Steady me, Lord. Amen.