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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Still Stitching

"Rest in the stillness of My Presence while I prepare you for this day." (119)
"Be still and know that I am God." Ps 46:10
The word for "still" in Hebrew is "raphah" and the word for "healing" is "rapha." The two are directly related. To be "still" in the Hebrew language literally indicates "to let go, relax" combined with "to mend by stitching" like a physician would repair to promote healing. Being "still" in His Presence is a healing, mending place, as we let go and relax, allowing Him to stitch and mend the torn and tattered regions of the soul.
I have a "stitching" memory that makes me smile. I grew up the oldest of three girls in a small community in eastern South Dakota. In the spring of the year, beautiful tulips would often pop through the last of melting snow drifts, as if announcing spring's arrival and the annual task mother had of sewing Easter outfits for all three of us girls. That was until we were old enough to make our own Easter dresses. Each year, the week before Easter was a workout week for the sewing machine, whirling and clicking away, stitch by stitch, until all three dresses were complete, freshly ironed and hanging in place waiting to be proudly worn Easter morning. New dresses, white sandals, hat and little gloves holding on to a tiny purse and a small New Testament bible, then off to church in the crisp, chilly morning air. What a wonderful way to start an Easter Sunday morning!  What a wonderful way to start any day!
I'm letting God stitch and mend me so I am healed and ready to take on my day. What a wonderful way to also end the day, to let go and relax! A Stitch in Time Saves... Lives!
Stitched & Ready to Go...dmc


  1. Yes, Dawn I remember -but wonderful memories...and thanks for the reminder to let God keep stitching on us.

  2. Wow Mom, thanks for your countless stitches that wove creations together and still weave stray threads of my life together!
    Moms are good at making dresses and making sense of life! You are proof!
    Loving you dearly...dmc