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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stilled not Stalled

"When I give you no special guidance, stay where you are. Concentrate on doing your everyday tasks in awareness of My Presence with you." (108)

To "stay where (I am)" and wait for God to activate the next step and to "depend on (Him) moment by moment" can seem like such a HUGE stall. It feels like I'm loosing time, missing opportunities, idling or standing still and wasting too much precious time!

However, stillness can offer me the opportunity to gain a broader perspective of "collaborating with (Him)," allowing His Life to merge deeper into mine.
It's my choice...and I know I need more "stillness" to keep me from becoming spiritually stalled!

Yielded & Still...dmc


  1. From John Ortberg's book "The Me I want to Be"
    my paraphrase - We only get to go through this life one time -- we will have wonderful times -- some of our dreams will come true -- but we can be sure we will experience pain, problems, and disappointment -- we have a choice -- go through life worried -- or we can go through it at peace. "Life is too short, Joy is too precious, God is too good, our soul is too valuable, we matter too much to throw away a single moment of our one and only life on anxious striving. For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid."

  2. Wow, Joyce, that is powerful Truth that stirs my heart deeply!
    Thanks for sharing...You've blessed us all.