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Friday, April 1, 2016

Stretching Time, Shrinking Tasks

"A successful day is one in which you have stayed in touch with Me, even if many things remain undone at the end of the day. Do not let your to-do list (written or mental) become an idol directing your life." (96)
I'm usually a firm believer in "to-do lists." Time is so precious and being responsible with my time is a priority. So, accomplishing tasks can become quite important. In fact, if I do a task that was NOT on the list, I may write it down and cross it off, just because it feels SO good to be productive! Or at least LOOK productive! However...
I've had many days when my plan was totally circumvented and God's plan totally overruled! When that happens I am awed at how God can stretch time and shrink tasks, proving that when we allow Him to take 'first place' He makes everything else fall INTO place.
It's my desire to stay so in touch, with Him that when He overrules it's a welcomed interruption!
Reconnecting & Rescheduling...dmc
PS - Today, I'm celebrating my soul mate's birthday! Happy Birthday, Joe...you bring so many expressions of God's love into my life and into this world!  I am blessed, indeed!


  1. This definition of a successful day encourages me. I am an avid list maker. I just get more done with a list. At times I think it has almost been an idol. Recently I've been learning to make much shorter lists and I have actually completed my lists for the day twice this week. That is a record! However, I certainly don't want lists or the accomplishment of lists to become an idol. "Stay in touch" with Jesus and "trust" Him are my goals!

  2. This post is for yesterday’s devo as I was traveling and had no internet access. I really liked the Col 3:15 verse where Paul says, “let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.” The word rule comes from the language of athletics. Paul is saying to let Christ’s peace be the umpire or referee in our hearts. Our hearts are the center of conflict b/c there is where our desires and feelings clash—fears/hopes, jealousy/love, trust/distrust, etc. Paul encourages us to decide between conflicting elements by using the rule of peace. In today’s language, what a great “rule of thumb” to live by! Sorry this post is in the wrong spot, but wanted to share about the ref in my heart :) Now I must read today’s devo . . . you may see me again shortly.

  3. Thanks, Amelia & Carolynn for sharing. Actually, your comments are quite complementary of each other. When the "peace of Christ rules in our hearts" it WILL protect us from constructing "idols!" How insightful! Thanks!