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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birthing Something Blessed

"When you seek My Face...Be prepared to be blessed bountifully... Open wide your heart and mind to receive more and more of Me. When your Joy in Me meets My Joy in you, there are fireworks of heavenly ecstasy. This is eternal life here and now..." (199)
Years ago just before Christmas, during my quiet time, I was reading in Luke 1 about how the angel, Gabriel, came to Mary telling her she was blessed and highly favored by God and would soon "conceive and give birth." When Mary asks how that could be because she had not been "intimate with a man," (vs. 32) he says something most perplexing. "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you." (Luke 1:35)
When Joseph is also pondering how all this could be, the angel tells him, "what has been conceived in her is by the Holy Spirit." (Matt. 1:20)
I believe that the Holy Spirit can come upon us with life-giving, God-inspired concepts that will change lives, saving "people from their sins." (Matt. 1:21)
There is nothing as fulfilling as seeking His Face, being willing to receive and give birth to something "here and how" that blesses another with eternal life. God's best gifts are often birthed into this world through those who have spent intimate time with Him.
Our recent time in Hawaii was a blessed time of spiritually receiving and conceiving God-inspired thoughts. Now, we are praying we will bring to live what The Most High most desires...
Celebrating "New Life"...dmc


  1. I really have to work on the "put aside thoughts of everything else". The world and church pulls at us from so many directions! I want to seek His face more each day. It seems to be harder to do that after returning from a wonderful peaceful vacation. I have to totally refocus my time. I am working on those heavenly fireworks:)The joy of the Lord is our strength!

  2. Ah, yes...I love those "heavenly fireworks!" You are right...re-engaging after a get-away is tricky, especially after an all night flight that really messes with my body clock. "Face-to-face" time with Jesus helps..along with some head-to-bed time!

  3. Opening our mail this morning, I found valid requests for donations, tempting catalogs to peruse, missionary newsletters, bills, a health magazine and the ever present advertisements. I had just finished my devotional time with “Jesus Calling” and was reminded that there are so many things in this world clamoring for my attention--even many “good” things. Time with Him helps me identify the things that really matter at this stage in my life. As the years go by, I realize more and more how important it is to “put aside thoughts of everything else” while I commune with my creator and Lord. An old hymn says: “What a fellowship, what a joy divine,…What a blessedness, what a peace is mine, Leaning on the everlasting arms!”

  4. Thanks for sharing that precious old hymn, Amelia. It's inspired and so TRUE! I'm leaning lots, too!