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Friday, July 2, 2010

God's Voila' Ability

"Living well is both a discipline and an art... staying close to Me, the divine Artist... I work My way in your life." (193)
Maui has become an island of many artists. The lush scenery, colorful birds, flowers and ever-changing ocean just inspire creative minds to be even more creative. We will often watch the various artists paint, carve, sculpt or mold their craft into highly sought after treasures.
Our lives are to be examples of God's Craft-ability at work. Daily He fashions us into extensions of His own Image.
I marvel at His handiwork in nature and in the hearts and lives of those He's placed in my world. It is "both a discipline and an art," the way He crafts His Image into our hearts. All my insecurity, inadequacy, insufficiency, and vast inability can be miraculously God-crafted... and voila'... His image appears in living color! It's God's Voila' Ability at work in each of our lives! I suppose that makes us....
God's Voila' Treasures...dmc


  1. Although I have regularly kept up my daily readings in the devotional book, I have not been online for weeks. Thus, I know that I have missed many great insights and comments--I hope to go back and and read...
    Today, I was comforted by these words: "The eternal God is our hiding place; he carries us in his arms." Deuteronomy 33:27 Exactly what I need while my husband is gone for a few days to help his brother in another state.
    Dawn (and Pastor Joe), I hope you are having a wonderful time in Hawaii. We were there for our 30th anniversary 13 years ago. It's the best vacation I've ever had--sitting on the lanai (I think I remember the name right) watching the morning activity on the ocean, several day trips to Lahaina (my favorite town), a day trip across the island to Hana, the trip up Haleakala. What a beautiful place to view God's creation AND to relax and meditate! God bless, restore and inspire you!

  2. Thank you, Amelia! Good to have you back on the blog. You are right...Meeting God in Maui is a great option! Meeting God daily is a wise option ANYwhere! Joe & I think it's alittle teaser for heaven! May God bless & protect you while Wendell is away. Aloha!