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Monday, July 26, 2010

Selectively Attentive

"Relax and let Me lead you...I have everything under control: My control...you are set free to enjoy Me and to find what I have prepared for you this day." (217)
Our culture is obsessed with planning and pre-planning, making sure every detail is under control. A sweet little bride the other day told me how she was excited yet exhausted with all the planning that goes into a wedding. With the exhaustion about to overtake the excitement, she was looking for some relief.
I could identify with her. I have days that leave me far too exhausted to really enjoy all the hidden blessings God has woven into my day. I am asking God to help me stay in balance...to selectively attend to daily demands, to be keenly God-aware and to learn to relax more!
Attentive to Him...dmc
Happy 57th Anniversary to my amazing parents, Kaehl & Dorothy Volesky, who have learned the art of letting God pace and grace their lives beautifully!


  1. I like the “selectively attentive” concept. I know God is in control and my desire is to follow His leading. This “chronic list maker” is learning to relax and allow for the interruptions that God sends or allows in my days. I never even got around to making a list for Monday but I believe some things I did were more important than the items I would have listed. I’m still working on the “relaxing” part.

  2. I will often make a "list" too. In fact when I get something done that was NOT on my list...I may even add it to the list & cross it off! Why? Just because it feels good to have gotten it accomplished! I totally understand the "chronic list maker" problem! Smile!