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Saturday, July 24, 2010

God's Will - Give Thanks!

"Thankfulness opens the door to My Presence... I have empowered you to open or close that door...but a grateful attitude is one of the most effective...built on a substructure of trust." (215)
The attitude of gratitude makes such a HUGE difference! Last week when Joe and I were traveling back from Dallas, it was late, we were tired and when we stopped to gas up we got stuck at a stop light that would NOT give us the green light. After waiting & waiting, we were finally able to make our turn. We both commented on how we were going to praise God and keep a good attitude...after all, who knows what God may have been protecting us from!
Well, when we were back on the road we soon came up on a terrible 3 car accident. One vehicle was on fire, two others in the ditch and people were everywhere. As we slowly drove on by, we prayed for all those involved and thanked God for protecting us!
I Thes. 5:18 makes God's Will absolutely clear... "Give thanks in everything!"
Thanking God for looking ahead and trusting Him all the more!
Practicing Thankfulness...dmc

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