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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Expectation Exhaustion

"Find freedom through seeking to please Me above all else. You can have only one Master. When you let others' expectations drive you, you scatter your energy to the winds." (213)
Learning how to escape others' driving expectations can be a life-long lesson. The other day I was sitting with an elderly lady who was so distressed over things that were perceived expectations from years ago. My heart ached for her as she continued to wrestle with issues that were laid to rest years ago, but were still haunting and harassing her.
I find I can become quickly overwhelmed when I start to weigh in on others' expectations but I am quickly overjoyed when I seek to please Jesus! Jesus seems to run a rather relaxed schedule and keeps the stress level minimal. I am often my own worst enemy by stressing over issues and things that are not eternally significant. I must remind myself that I serve One Great Master and de-stress by...
Becoming more Master-Minded...dmc

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