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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Divine Makeovers

"As you listen...I speak to you continually; through sights, sounds, thoughts, impressions, Scripture. There is no limit to the variety of ways I can communicate with you. Your part is to be attentive..." (216)
Listening to Jesus, all day long, during the whirl of activities or during the stillness of the night...it's a type of divine makeover! Being continually "conformed" into His image for "His purposes!" (Romans 8:28-29)
The other day a friend was contemplating how to discern when she was hearing from God, from her past, from her own heart, from her secular friendships at work or maybe even from the enemy. We talked about the many voices that try to speak into our lives yet very few will have the kind of wisdom and credibility from which we would want to live our lives. It is most imperative that we know the difference! So, I will ask myself...
Will this produce more of the Fruit of the Spirit? (Galatians 5:22-23)
Am I fulfilling God's Will...by having a thankful heart? (I Thess. 5:18)
Then, I watch and wait as He does the divine makeover and "weaves it into a pattern for good."
In the midst of a Makeover...dmc

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