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Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Shaft of Golden Light

"My Peace is like a shaft of golden Light shining on you continuously... On darker days, My Peace stands out in sharp contrast to your circumstances." (44)
(I journaled the following example of being a "shaft of golden light" several months before Daddy died.  He's now with Jesus and mother has bravely continued on, tucked tightly in Jesus' embrace.  With a grateful heart, I share my entry from that unusual year.)
We can be impacted by our circumstances OR by our Savior. At this point in my parents' lives they are in God's "shaft of golden light." With physical challenges and pain, they continue to be an inspiration of divine collaboration, as illustrated in the following example.
This week we were with Daddy during a long, grueling procedure at the hospital that confirmed, his twisting, aging body has displaced his heart. His heart has made an amazing journey from the left side of his body to the right side, now tucked in near his right armpit. So unusual, yet even more unusual is Daddy's precious attitude and cheery disposition despite his pain and many challenges.
Mother has said, "we may have pain, but we don't have to BE a pain!" They take great interest in the friends, family and home health care professionals that come to attend to their special needs. They don't miss an opportunity to bless and encourage others. "Like a shaft of golden Light," they inspire!
Although life is wearisome...they "do not grow weary or lose heart." Heb. 12:3
Inspired & Grateful...dmc


  1. A special story that touched my heart... sharing how important it is to be "a shaft of golden light" to others.
    Thank you and may God's Blessings be upon you Dawn.

  2. Thank you, Ginger! May "shafts of golden light" illuminate your pathway!

  3. You continue to bless us all. Thanks so much for your posts!