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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fluid, Flexing & Free

"Your relationship with Me is meant to be vibrant and challenging, as I invade more and more areas of your life. Do not fear change, for I am making you a new creation, with old things passing away and new things continually on the horizon." (50)
Today's devo, about how we resist (even fear) change, brings interesting thoughts to mind.
We tend to build "idols out of routine" and security in sameness. We like the comfort of the predictable. Being open to change takes intentional effort on our part. We must decide to "embrace all that God is doing in our lives, finding security in Him alone." Just as soon as our security keeps us from moving forward in Him, He will stir up our predictable nest and ruffle our familiar feathers.
I like the picture of "new things continually on the horizon." It reminds me of watching the ever changing seascape of the ocean waves. The words of an old hymn by Samuel Francis wash over my soul, especially during our yearly island get-away. The power and peaceful presence of the ocean reminds me of "the deep, deep love of Jesus, Vast unmeasured, boundless, free! Rolling as a mighty ocean, In its fullness over me..."
Just like one cannot "force fit" one wave into another, so we cannot "force fit today into yesterday's mold." It's all too fluid, too flexing and amazingly FREE.
I love Selah's contemporary version of that powerful, old hymn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hzYKovRsJ8&feature=related
Rolling Onward...dmc

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