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Saturday, February 13, 2016

His Watchword My Byword

Jesus' Watchword - "Peace be with you!
"Ever since the resurrection this has been the watchword to those who yearn for Me. As you sit quietly, let My Peace settle over you and enfold you in My loving Presence... Wear My Peace with regal dignity. It will keep your heart and mind close to Mine."
When Jesus conquered death, the ultimate war had been fought. Peace was accomplished. All fears, fights and frustrations were finalized when Jesus walked out of that tomb.
Whenever I allow fear to rise up in me, some conflict to overtake me or some situation to frustrate me, I have resurrected something Jesus died to overcome.
What's the secret? His watchword of "Peace!" It must become my daily byword. As I hold on to peace I am able "to withstand all onslaughts...and keep my heart and mind close to Him!"
Staying Close to Him & at Peace...dmc

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  1. This devotion is right on time. I've been at peace with those who have hurt me and have forgiven them for the things they have said and done. However, during these peaceful times, the "reminders" creep back in and the feelings of frustration, anger, and sadness come rushing back. These poisonous thoughts are not of God. In fact, they are the things I have "resurrected" in which "Jesus died to overcome." I actually feel I am betraying Him when I allow these thoughts to bear weight in my mind. This is why I have to constantly remind myself to stay close to Him and take those thoughts captive in order to experience true peace and "peace of mind."