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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Affirming Discipline

"The only source of real affirmation is My unconditional love. Many believers perceive Me as an unpleasable Judge, angrily searching out their faults and failures. Nothing could be farther from the truth!...When I discipline you, it is never in anger or disgust... Immerse yourself in my loving Presence." (p. 61)
The online dictionary says that affirmation means "to strengthen, to endorse, to assert as true, to declare support for. It strengthens a relationship between the speaker and the one being affirmed."
When we seek affirmation from our a loving Savior, we are expressing confidence in Him and in His ability to redeem and totally recalibrate our lives.
God's discipline helps us to stop and recognize His Presence over and above all other things in our lives.
This made me think of how important it is for parents to discipline in such a way as to "strengthen, endorse and show support toward" their children. We want to lead their young hearts to a loving God who can be trusted to discipline for their good and not from a reaction of jaded gratification, frustration or misguided anger.
May we be faithful channels of Godly affirmation in discipline...dmc

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