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Friday, February 19, 2016

Sure in Not-So-Sure Times

"You are feeling weighed down by a plethora of problems, both big and small... requiring more and more of your attention... don't give in to those demands... break free by spending quality time with Me... I will make your feet like the feet of a (surefooted) deer, enabling you to go on the heights." (52) (NLT)
The Habakkuk 3:17-19 passage in today's devo is one of my favorites. It's so realistic and applicable to the many seasons of life, especially when things are tough. It gives us a kind of God-confidence that helps to override our doubts. It offers us the option to choose to praise God, no matter what!
In a world where so many things are NOT so sure, He can make one thing sure..."my feet like those of a surefooted deer enabled to walk on mountain heights."
What's the secret to making it to "mountain heights?" I believe it is having the ability to be surefooted in not-so-sure times! So many will never reach the "heights" because their habitual inclination or response to not-so-sure circumstances keeps them in the lowlands. I'm asking God, to make me spiritually "sure-footed" so I can experience spiritual "heights" in His Presence.
My friend, Melissa, tells of a time in the Colorado Rockies when she came face to face with a mountain goat that ran across a steep cliff without any hesitation. The goat’s feet fit perfectly on small, nearly hidden rocks that led him out of harm's way. What a great illustration that God’s plan is perfect, no matter how treacherous the paths of life may be. Even in the midst of relational, financial, emotional or physical rocky times, I must remind myself, I'm...
Headed to the Heights...dmc


  1. The first sentence, “You are feeling weighted down by a plethora of problems, big and small,” hit me between the eyes this morning. So much to do…taxes, Celebrate Recovery, a 5-year professional portfolio due for licensure, a huge insurance issue on a house sold in June 2010 to resolve…it is just overwhelming. And yet I know that I know, He WILL get me through this…His Word tells me so. I will continue to Trust in Him and be joyful because He is my Strength and Salvation. For me, these are not troublesome times as spoken of in Habakkuk, but very time-consuming and burdensome to get it all done. He will keep me surefooted like the deer as I slowly trek through all these tasks. Focusing on Him………

  2. What a "plethora" of challenges,Carolynn! I pray you will be steady and sure-footed day by day and task by task...enjoying the blessing you ARE to so many others!!

  3. Thank you, Dawn, for faithfully posting devotions. Your blog is such a blessing that I linked it to my blog {greatawakeningpastpresent.blogspot.com)
    so that I could encourage my friends, my teenage granddaughters, and young adults who follow my blog to follow them, too.