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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Graced with Gratitude

"Walk purposefully...letting Me direct...one step at a time...a grateful heart protects you from negative thinking." (58)
Negative thinking is highly toxic (see January 16 blog) and can paralyze productivity and purpose. The enemy may not get us to walk away from God, but if he can get us to walk away from a grateful mindset, we will walk away from our purpose and from fulfilling God's will for our lives. (I Thes. 5:18) Thus, the enemy will have achieved his greater goal... to get us to walk away from God's will for each of our lives.
That reminds me of when mom would "direct" my sisters and me to write thank you notes for various gifts or kindnesses we had received. Living a life of gratitude toward God is much like little thank you notes we give Him throughout our day!
Daily walking in gratitude establishes us in the very center of God's Will! What a privileged, pleasant  place to be!
Committed to Gratitude...dmc

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