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Saturday, February 27, 2016

The "Great Escape" Option

Today's devo speaks of "waves of adversity" and "worrying about tomorrow." (60)
As a believer, our response is to "live within the boundaries of today" keeping our focus on His Presence in our present circumstances. Why? Because life's challenges have a way of distracting us and tempting us "to give up!"
I like using I Cor. 10:13 with I Cor. 10:31 (reversing the last two numbers lands me on the great escape I am desperately looking for!) Check it out!
So, the next time you are tempted to give up, or to give in, to some temptation (vs. 13) and you need to find "a way of escape," go to vs. 31 and decide that "whatever you do (you will do) everything for God's glory" and the "way of escape" will suddenly present itself!
Choosing an option that gives God most Glory is my best "way of escape!" Try it! It works! Just yesterday, there was a huge opportunity to take up an offense, but I decided that was NOT the option that would most glorify God. Within a matter of a few minutes my heart was so filled with a supernatural joy... God WILL faithfully provide the "way of escape" when we choose a response that brings Him glory!!
Ah, yes, I am challenging myself to look for and live in God's great escape...
For God's Glory...dmc

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  1. Thank you for this! I used verse 31 this morning when Satan threw a temptation at me; I used the situation to glorify God. Also another weapon I've been trying to use is the Sword of God's Word to help encourage people in tough trials. Nothing can encourage a person like a wise, well-placed scripture. Wearing the full armor of God, praying for everything like David did, and doing everything in God's glory, there is no battle we can't handle.