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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Company of the Weak

"Grow strong in your weakness...Your fragility is not a punishment, nor does it indicate lack of faith... I am developing your ability to trust Me... to lean on Me continually... This is how you grow strong in your weakness." (254)
It seems that the strong will often overcome the weak, or even intimidate them. But sharing our weaknesses, our brokeness, can be far more inviting, even embracing. Why? Because we tend to identify with others' weaknesses more readily than with their strengths. Although I may cringe at my own weaknesses, they are often the bridge that touches another especially when I fall on Jesus to assist and cover me.
My richest relationships have been safe harbors for my weaknesses, warm hearts of forgiveness and wise words that encourage me!
Praising God for the 'company of the weak' that encircle and love us, no matter what...dmc

PS - Today is my precious daughter-in-love's birthday!
Amber Dawn Colaw, you have blessed our lives immeasurably and have encouraged us so many times. We love how God uses you and your amazing story to advance His Work in the lives of so many others! Thanks for loving our son, Charles and our grand-delights, Trey, Hayden & Trinity!!  Birthday Hugs to YOU!

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