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Monday, August 29, 2016

Waiting & Whistling

When I was a little girl, my dad would sing a little jingle, entitled, "Whistle While You Work" when we had tasks to do. That's still a great way to attack the duties of my day!
Our devotional for today says, our Heavenly Father prompts us to "Wait Before You Work." "By waiting with Me before you begin the day's activities...this act of faith ...is noted in the spirit world, where your demonstration of trust weakens principalities and powers of darkness." (252)
I try to focus my waking thoughts on Him...praising Him! It helps to set my heart in the right direction and sets the emotional neuro-climate of my mind. With so many distractions, having paused to wait in His Presence and to read from His Word, makes a huge definable difference in my day!
Although no one may "see" us...those in the heavenlies DO take notice, and the powers of darkness are weakened while all the Powers of Heaven rise up to strengthen and minister to us. Having waited BEFORE we work gives us great reason to whistle WHILE we work today!
Waiting & Whistling...dmc

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