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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Robed & Ready

"Wear My Robe of Righteousness...I custom-made it for you...realize your privileged position in My kingdom...practice walking in this garment...throw off unrighteous behavior (and enjoy) the gift I fashioned for you before the foundation of the world." (232)
Have you ever tried to dress for an event, only to realize, nothing seemed appropriate or fitting to wear? It's very disheartening!
The rigors of this world leave us stripped and destitute mentally, emotionally, relationally, financially, physically but especially spiritually. Life can become so disheartening!
Jesus knew we would be made vulnerable and exposed, so He fashioned a Robe specifically for each of us. Carefully crafted to equip and cover every issue, need or challenge we would face.
I love the song, The Robe, sung by Wes King. While you listen... get dressed!
In the Folds of The Robe...dmc

Copy and Paste:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7_RJ0kKmQo - 109k - Cached
The Robe (by Wes King (1993) Words by Wes King music by Phil Naish)
Anyone whose heart is cold and lonely/ Anyone who can't believe/ Anyone whose hands are worn and empty/ Come as you are
Anyone whose feet are tired of walking/ And even lost their will to run/ There is a place of rest for your aching soul/ Come as you are
Chorus: For the robe is of God/ that will clothe your nakedness/ And the robe is His grace/ It's all you all you need/ Come as you are
Anyone who feels that they're unworthy/ Anyone who's just afraid/ Come sinner, come and receive His mercy/ Come as you are.

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