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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Privileged & Perilous

"You are walking along the path I have chosen for you...a privileged and a perilous way: experiencing My glorious Presence and heralding that reality to others." (244)
Recently Joe and I were sharing with a discouraged young father. He was experiencing what so many have wrestled with... life can become so overwhelming and very discouraging... even when we are "walking the path" and trying to seek God's will. Our hearts ached deeply for this young father.
It is good when one generation speaks encouragement into the following generation. These are perilous times and we desperately need each other, as we wait on God's answers and intervention! We are grateful for those who have spoken into our lives, at just the right time, encouraging us. We intentionally try to speak encouragement into the next generation every chance we can.  Because the "chosen" path does not always feel privileged, we must rally to support one another, as we 'herald the reality of His glorious Presence.'  
Grateful God Walks My Perilous Path...dmc

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