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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Micro-Mini Vacations

"Find Me in the midst of the maelstrom...Whisper My Name...I am still with you." (240)
Although we may not be as familiar with the word "maelstrom" we are very familiar with it's meanings: a restless, disordered, or tumultuous state of affairs, a vortex of conflicting currents.
I often feel the vortex of conflicting schedules, expectations and various daily demands. Years ago I started to practice (what I call) "micro-mini vacations" where I close my eyes, breathe deep and prayerfully meet with Jesus. I often envision Jesus and myself in a calm, quiet location. I will breathe in His protective, peaceful Presence and exhale the distracting "maelstrom" within me. It really works FOR me...because HE really works IN me! Even just whispering His Name, for example, calms my tendency to get caught in whirlpools of worry. Jesus knows just how hazardous they are for me!
Whispering Whirlpools Away...dmc


  1. It seems I am in the "maelstrom" this month . . . I just spent a precious morning with God on my patio looking out over the meadow, listening to the birds chirping and feeling the cool breeze. God in the midst of it all as I devoted my time and thoughts to the August 18th devo. Have done that numerous times this month . . . ugh! Will save my comments for tomorrow and try to rewind myself back to August 17th (thought I was one day closer to seeing the Lord---patience :)

    Have a great day in the SON on this August 17th :) Carolynn

  2. Looking forward to your morning meditations tomorrow, in the midst of your "maelstrom!"
    Blessed Quiteness be extended to you & to so many of us today!
    Thanks, Carolynn...dmc