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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The 20% Challenge

Today's devo stresses a certain fact of life that's frustrated me... We WILL "have trouble!!" That especially frustrates me in relationships. I want people to feel loved, understood and deeply appreciated. Even though I know better, I want this world to be a "happy heart" place, where everyone is having a "happy heart" day! (Prov. 15:13-15))
In recent years God has challenged me to have a grateful, "happy heart" even if things are not perfect and every encounter is not with another "happy heart!" Troubling circumstances and troubled people will certainly come along.
A few years ago we attended an evening event with a very well known TV personality in Christian media. The event was not to be taped because the discussion was to be especially personal, relating some of the more painful experiences of the individual's ministry life. During the sharing, I learned something that has helped me to deal with the troubling people in our lives...
At any given time, there may be at least 20% of the people around you that will not necessarily like you! Why? Because at least 20% of those around us do not have enough flexibility in their souls to be gracious to others who are different from what they prefer. Their thinking tends to be rigid and critical. So, we should not be surprised when one of our 20% shows up, speaks up or acts up.
Jesus Calling states that He is "less interested in right circumstances than in right responses to whatever comes your way."(27) Jesus certainly had His 20% challenge! He understands. We can trust Him with our hearts and with the not-so-happy-hearts that mess with our "happy hearts!"
Especially thanking God for the other 80% and for YOU...dmc :)


  1. Dawn, I feel the same about being frustrated about not having a problem free life! I am always saying "That is not fair!" And my dear husband keeps telling me, "Life is not fair. No one promised us a fair life." Even though he is right, I don't like hearing it! Need to keep my eyes on Jesus and that 80%:)I thank God for you in our lives!

  2. I definitely need to focus on the 80%, because I don't like the idea that someone doesn't like me for just being me. I know I struggle with this because of the difficult relationship with my dad. I pray I can be "flexible in my soul" to love everyone! Jesus did, he died for them too!

  3. Whoa...we are SO blessed to have each other and that greater crowd of 80% FOR us!
    I like the "flexible soul" idea, too!