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Monday, January 4, 2010

The "So Reign" Challenge

Saying, "I trust You, Jesus" no matter what happens, was demonstrated to me by an older lady sitting next to me in a delayed plane. We both were going to miss our connections on the other end. I had been speaking at a retreat, exhausted, ready to get home. She was meeting family, following the death of her husband. In the midst of my frustration she sweetly said, "Either God is Sovereign, or He is not." (Trusting God can be such a challenge, even for a retreat speaker!) God comforted my heart through that precious grieving lady. Because there were more than 3 of us trying to make it back to Indy on the same flight, they held our plane, we all boarded and made our final destination ON TIME! Trusting comes easier as I let a Sovereign God "So Reign" in my life!
Listening & Learning...dmc
PS - I'm loving your insights...thanks!


  1. An extra day off added to our Christmas Break. I sat and pondered all the things that need to be accomplished at school and was anxious about them being put off another day. Then I read today's devotion and God spoke to me about this being another day for growth...another opportunity to trust Him and bask in His presence. I do trust You Jesus, because no matter where I go or what I do I am always in your prescence! Please help me to feel, trust it and believe it!

  2. I'm reminded that trusting Jesus isn't just about seeing Him work in tough situations but also about acknowledging our inability to do anything close to what He can achieve. It's an act of humility -- recognizing our broken-ness, sinfulness, and weakness. All our efforts are but filthy rags compared to the incredible, divine, and amazing work of Jesus. In our world that says, "Just do it", as if it's all up to us, it's a joy to remember that His ways are higher than our ways and an honor to serve such a great God who can do exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ever hope, ask, or think.

  3. I may never be an elegant speaker or the counselor I would love to be, but I do know God has a plan for me and that is why He wanted me to go back to school. I have learned to lean on Him more than ever since March of last year, but also have found unspeakable joy with His presence!