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Monday, January 11, 2010

Click it Forward

Remember the "Pay it Forward" move that inspired us to "change the world" with acts of kindness? Science has discovered we can be kind to our own minds by the way we respond to the issues of life. "Click it Forward" refers to the way we can intentionally activate a little switch in our brain to move from stress-filled responses to peace-filled responses.
The reading today inspires us to do exactly that! Once we've presented our concerns in prayer, then when "requests come to mind again" thank God for the "answers that are on the way." Rehearsing the concerns keeps our minds stuck in lower level thinking that holds us in "a state of tension," minimizing our ability to think creatively and live productively.
Rehearsing thankfulness means I will be kind to my own mind, which incidentally, makes it easier for me to be kind to mankind!
"Clicking it Forward" helps me to "Pay it Forward!"
Moving Forward...dmc


  1. Praise God! He gave me the opportunity to share today's devo with a friend I have sponsored from Celebrate Recovery for approximately four years. I called her to make a payment on my account (she's the bookeeper at a medical facility). In the past she was a compulsive gambler; through Celebrate Recovery and God's deliverance she has had nearly four years abstinence from gambling. This morning she shared that every time she sees a "gambling commercial" she gets the "itch" to go and then spends the rest of the day beating herself up for those thoughts. In summary I said to her...Satan is going to continue tempting you in your area of weakness; that is when God's Presence is the strongest. Next time you see an ad for a casino, instead of thinking of it as a "trigger" (negative, stressful thinking) trying to lure you back into gambling, think of it as a "prompt" (positive mind-set producing peacefulness) to thank God for victory and His deliverance. I concluded with the last sentence in today's devo: "Thankful prayers keep your focus on His Presence and His promises."

    Thank you Dawn Marie for your thought-provoking, inspirational posts each day. God is doing an amazing work through you. I admire your willingness to share your abundant gifts He has given you with us. You go girl!

  2. I liked what you shared Carolynn. Thank you! We definitely need to rejoice in our victories, continue looking forward and stop revisiting our past. If God has forgiven and forgotten our sin, we should do so as well!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. It helps knowing we're growing together. I was able to share from today's devo in counseling sessions today, too. God's Word is SO "on track!" Blessings...dmc