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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Soaking at His Feet

Resisting the "rat race" of life long enough to be refreshed and renewed in His presence...is a discipline of time and a discipline of focus. I have discovered my greater challenge is to discipline my racing thoughts to "relax in His presence." I like the concept of letting the Light of His Presence "soak into" every thought! The power of His "Healing Presence" can radically override anxious thoughts!
Lord, help me to make the "better choice" to soak in You!
Hanging out at His Feet...dmc


  1. I definitely need to learn to be more like Mary. Not only do my thoughts wander but letting go of things undone to relax in His presence. I love how He can take away our anxious thoughts and give us His peace. He did so just today. Thank you Lord!

  2. Wow did God speak to me this morning as I had been pondering all the things I had to do today...Thank you Oh God for your healing presence. You know me so well...I will try to turn my mind to you for refreshment and renewal instead of having cares about the tasks of the day! I praise you for equipping me to carry out the tasks of the day with a light heart.