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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Hope Rope

Today's devotional spoke of the "golden cord connecting (us) to heaven." This reminded me of when God taught me HOW TO WAIT on Him. Is. 40:31 says "those who wait on the Lord" will experience renewed strength! That was not my experience! I would do the "wait & worry" thing, like one does in the "waiting room" of the hospital anticipating bad news! God wants us to wait with HOPE and confidence in Him! Confidence in His Majesty (having all power) and His Mercy (being infinitely tender.) I had to learn to weave His Majesty and His Mercy into my "wait" much like a braided "cord of three strands." (Ecc.4:12) I am the weak, helpless strand clinging to the strands of His Majesty and His Mercy! Result? I experience "renewed strength!" (Is.40:31) Thus, the following little song I now sing to myself, prompting me to wait with HOPE! It really helps because when I "cling" I feel "connected to heaven" in the midst of my "wait"! Humming...dmc
Hope is a rope,
Consisting of three.
God's awesome Majesty,
His Mercy and Me!


  1. Welcome! We have now completed a full week in the "Jesus Calling" devotional book by Sarah Young. All 100 books have been purchased and many are on this journey with us. Thanks for signing up as a "friend." Please feel free to add your comments along the way. Your thoughts may make the inspirational difference in another's life! Hugs to you as we make 2010 count! Abundant Blessings...dmc

  2. For some reason I now have 2 profiles. Any ideas how to get rid of one? help!

  3. Oh, Melissa, I've been looking and cannot figure it out either! I'm so new to this, too. We'll just learn as we go. I'm glad you (and your "shadow") are "with" me! How fun!
    Double Blessings to you...dmc