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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Final Promise

Always aware. Always there. Jesus' powerful final promise to us! Even when I am distracted, He is always attentive. I marvel at His ability to be totally tuned into me and yet totally committed to loving me. One would think that the more He came to know us, the more He'd discover about us and the more reasons He would have to keep us at a distance. However, it's just the opposite. He longs to "never leave us or forsake us!" We have so much to gain when we see life from His perspective...dmc


  1. What a comforting thought to know Jesus will always be there for us, especially after days like I had yesterday! No details are needed other than I know I failed him. Confrontation is not my best friend and I need to learn how to deal with it in a loving way, but my frustration seems to get the best of me sometimes. Forgive me Lord for my iniquities.

  2. And Jesus says, "You are forgiven. You are loved!"
    I agree!
    Hugs...dmc :)