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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Abandoned for Good

"You are mine for all time...into eternity!" (73) What a strong affirmation of total acceptance!
Quite often I will deal with those who wrestle with issues stemming from abandonment by someone in some significant way, at some point in their lives. Our human experience sets us up for this because we live in a relationally, spiritually suspect world where abandonment hisses and haunts from nearly every corner.
So, to hear God whisper, "you are mine for all time," directly comes against our fears of being abandoned.  One online dictionary said that "abandoned" meant to be "left completely and finally; utterly forsaken; deserted or given up on and withdrawn from."
However, "abandon" can also means to "yield (oneself) without restraint or moderation; to give (oneself) over to," much like we are invited to do when we totally surrender our lives to Christ.
So, we can be abandoned for good or abandoned for bad. Christ wants us to be abandoned for His good and our ultimate good..."for all time...into eternity!"
What a joy to live in total abandonment to the One who will never abandon us!
Captured by His love...dmc


  1. such a great reminder that there are times when satan uses the very thing to beat us up with, that God will use to set us free. If we can push through the lie and get to the truth and see it speak life, and bring good change, then our freedom can help others walk there too.

    1. Yes!! You are absolutely right! What a joy to have such a Good & Sovereign God who much better at warfare and able to defeat satan's lies in our lives! Blessings