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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fully Giving Thanks

"Thank Me...This is like priming the pump of a well... regardless of your feelings." (83)
I have experienced this so many times. I make a conscious decision to BE thankful, no matter how my feelings are responding. It usually takes a lot of focused discipline because I am coming against my own inclination to succome to worry, fear, doubt, or whatever is weighing me down. At times, I can actually sense the push-back and I will have to intentionally verbalize my thanksgiving.
Speaking out loud helps, after all, I am hearing my own voice declare my own intentions over my own emotions! In these times, I usually have to verbally "give thanks" before I experience the emotional feelings of being thankful.
However, it really works...soon a deep sense of His Presence "clears the blockage" and gratitude overtakes my attitude... Giving thanks helps me to be full of thanks!
Thankfully His....dmc

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