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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

God's Singing

"Listen to the love song that I am continually singing to you. I take great delight in you." (78)
Think about God rejoicing over you "with singing." (Zeph.3:17) Even if I knew God was just simply humming over me, it would be THRILLING!
This reminds me of all the silly little songs Joe and I sang to our boys when they were growing up. We crafted on-the-spot songs about tying your shoes, brushing your teeth, feeding the dog, taking out the trash, going to church, and so many other life experiences. Here's one song we made up and sang often, especially when the boys would want to snuggle in-between us:

You're the crunchy peanut butter, You're the melted Velveeta;
You're the slice of Salomi, You're the Mayo and Tuna;
You're the slice of Life among us, in the middle of it all.
And we thank the Lord, He gave you to us all."
(Hmmmm, I guess...You'd have to "be there" to really enjoy it!)

When they had to memorize scripture verses or the books of the Bible for Kids Club, we'd make up a tune to sing the words to... getting it in their heads...and deep into their hearts!
Now, we do the same with our grandkids (careful to spare the older ones from too much embarrassment over our corny on-the-spot songs!)
What could we do today to give God something to sing about? Something to smile about? He wants to be...
Singing over You...dmc


  1. Can you write the entire Jesus calling because I misplaced by book

  2. It's not ethically or legally right to write out the entire Jesus Calling book by Sarah Young. However, you can purchase a daily audio version by going to the iTunes App Store. Check out...
    You will be Blessed!

  3. Thanks much! Beautiful. Needed that!

  4. I wanted to share the message I received from this mornings reading. When we are focused on God's singing and not all of the noise and distractions of the world we are able to find peace and serenity. When we start to become distracted, anxiety and worry start to overtake us. When this happens we should find a quite place to pray and meditate so we can refocus on His singing. As long as we are listening to God's singing we do not fall prey to worry and anxiety over things we cannot control. His voice is so soothing and reassuring bringing us such joy. However, in order to receive His richest blessings we must also seek him by opening the eyes of our heart. I see God's hand in everything and He speaks to me through other people if I practice mindfulness listening intently without distraction, the messages I hear and the blessings I receive bring me to a place of perpetual contentment.