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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

God of Abundance

Today's devo speaks of a God of "overflowing abundance" Who showers us with blessings and Who can be trusted with the "intricate details" of our lives. (86)
Although we can usually think of some detail of prayer God has not yet answered or some request He has not fulfilled, if we stopped to list all the blessings He HAS supplied... whether we'd asked for them or not... we would be amazed!
I like how my friend, Carolynn taught her 3 year old grandson about prayer. "God answers prayers like a traffic light…sometimes He gives us a green light for “yes,” sometimes He gives us a red light for “no,” but many, many times He gives us a yellow light for “wait.” She stressed that this doesn’t mean God has not answered our prayers or isn’t going to answer them. A good reminder, at any age, to wait on His perfect timing and to watch the answer unfold!
Today I am reminded of my over-and-above daddy, Kaehl Volesky, always full of life, laughter & reasons to celebrate.  He spent a lifetime generously giving of himself to others in very practical ways, including repairing nearly anything that was broken! Whenever Daddy did something, he did it in an "abundant" sort of way.  Isn't that like our Abundant, Eternal Father... repairing, renewing, restoring, redeeming? May our earthly fathers help us understand our eternal Father's Heart!  My earthly father loved celebrations and today is his earthly birthday.   So, I'm lighting a candle...
In Grateful Celebration... dmc

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