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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Agenda...Simplicity!

"Accept the limitations of living one day at a time. When something comes to your attention, ask Me whether or not it is part of today's agenda. If it isn't, release it...When you follow this practice, there will be a beautiful simplicity about your life..." (92)
Releasing is so freeing, yet so foreign to many of us who feel responsible to plan ahead and organize every detail. I search for balance in this area of my own life; recognizing the necessity of vision without applying wisdom can create overwhelming confusion.
So, staying in step with Him helps me pace and plan much better. Today I will be...
Adjusting my Agenda...dmc


  1. As usual God’s timing is perfect. This reminder to live one day at a time comes at a time when I am looking for a job closer to home. There are stipulations for this as I can not work nights or weekends with my husband going out of town every now and then. Recently an opportunity came open, but many people have applied for this position as it is a good job and there are probably still many out of work with our economy in the shape it is in. As I go through my day I must focus on the moment and not on whether I will get this job. If I don’t, I will drive myself crazy wondering and worrying. God knows the outcome and is in complete control of the situation. I just need to do my part by letting Him handle it and accept the fact a job closer to home may not happen yet.

  2. I will partner with you in praying for the right job "fit" for you and your family's needs!

  3. I am so glad to find this blog. I have been reading "God Calling" for years and was thrilled to find the book "Jesus Calling. My 93 year old mother is moving in with me in May. I am so looking forward to this. She is a tremendous Christian mentor for me and I know we will spend much time together with the Lord.

    Thank you so much for creating this blog. God bless you.
    Do I need to pray for you in any way?