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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Discovery Mindset

"Instead of trying to fit this day into a preconceived mold, relax and be on the lookout for what I am doing. This mindset will free you to enjoy Me..." (79)
I was fortunate to attend a workshop with Chap Clark where he mentioned the difference between a "formation identity" and a "discovery identity" while raising kids. In one case, their identity is based on how well they learn to fit into expected "form," while in the other case, their identity is based on the "discovery" of their own personal gifts and interests. While a careful balance of the two may be wise, it's the discovery process that ends up most rewarding, more lasting; it creates a more fulfilling life!
Our spiritual journey is far more than "a preconceived mold" fashioned by a fallen world. (79) It is a God-inspired, life-impacting, day-by-day discovery! Such a freeing, fulfilling mindset!
Discovering Him in My Day...dmc


  1. When I read the devotion for today it definitely rang out to me. I worry about so much, that I wake up in the morning dreading parts of my day. When I trust in Him He takes care of it and my worry fades away. Thanks for sharing this. Love in Christ!

  2. I remember when my mother was so frustrated in her last years because she couldn't do the things she used to do so easily. I understand her frustration so much better now. "Abundant life is not necessarily health...It is living in continual dependence on Me." I needed this encouragement today. Someday I'll have a new body but, in the meantime, physical therapy is ongoing!
    Incidentally, happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

  3. Dana, years ago I was told that worriers make good intercessors. That helps me turn my worries into prayers. Each time I catch myself stewing about something or dreading it, I roll it into a prayer, not only for myself, but for the others involved. It has become a great blessing to me! It keeps me whispering in Jesus' ear! Whispering rather than worrying! :)
    Amelia...I will continue to pray for a strong sense of His Healing Presence in the daily challenges you face. You inspire me!!

  4. Today's devotional brought peace for me. My seven year old has been struggling at school, (formation identity), however he has such a big heart for giving and talents in all sports, and cheering people up, all some of the discovering identity! These gifts are from our heavenly Father and they are more rewarding in this life. I will continue to nurture and teach my son to nurture his gifts!!! Amen