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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

T & T Shifting

What is the great "paradigm shift that will revolutionize your life?" (85)
This brings back memories of my first car. A Fairlane Ford 500 with a tricky little gear shift. I worked hard to master shifting gears with my foot on the clutch, then slowly releasing the clutch while engaging the gas pedal. Synchronizing the two were critically important otherwise the car would choke, lunge, sputter and die! It was especially challenging on a cold day when I was on an icy incline! Needless to say...winter days in South Dakota helped me master fast & furious prayers in my Fairlane Ford 500!  However, when I successfully navigated the entire awkward process of shifting without killing the engine, it felt so rewarding!  It revolutionized my driving confidence!
Living a Thankful life while learning how to Trust is much like stepping on the clutch and engaging the gear shifting process, all at once. It takes both, being Thankful and Trusting, to empower and totally revolutionize a life!
Taking on the T & T (Thankful & Trusting) Challenge....

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