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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Let Go...Take Hold!

How often do you feel like the fiber of life is a bit frayed and fragile?  Well, I believe there is good reason for that overall flimsy, floundering feeling!  Just look at all the significant changes that brew nearly every day on nearly every side...socially, financially, politically, climatically, technically, morally, etc...!  So, how does one ever manage to "feel secure, even in the midst of cataclysmic changes?" (87)
By being more and more aware of Christ's "continual Presence." By learning to "let go," releasing "more and more things into (His) care." (87)
What I especially like about this Truth is also the same Truth that challenges me...
I must let go, so I can take hold! Letting go of what fills my hand so I can fully take hold of His Holy Hand.  Letting go of what fills my head, so I can take hold of what fills His Holy Head.  Letting go of what fills my heart, so I can take hold of what fills His Holy Heart.  To hold on to what is Holy usually means... "change" is about to invade my life...or about to INSPIRE my life!
Taking Hold, Prepared to be Inspired...dmc


  1. "...remember that I never let go of your hand." No matter what God will NEVER let go of my hand. But sometimes I let go of His hand...to go back because I forgot something, or to go forward seeing something I can't wait for God to get me to (just like a child does). But when I get there ahead of God there could be danger or at the very least an empty feeling such as "is that all there is?" It is then that I'm reminded that I did not see or experience what God had planned for me, because I went on my own! Jesus,remind me to not run ahead or go back and then miss the blessings You have waiting for me.

  2. Praising God with you...for the privilege of walking daily, hand in hand with Him!
    Thanks for your insights!