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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The BIG Search

"Every day provides many opportunities...Search for Me as hidden treasure. I will be found by you." (93)
This makes me think of a much loved spring tradition many families do every year...hunting for carefully decorated, trinket or candy filled, Easter eggs. Children love the the process of searching, discovering and collecting tiny hidden treasures!
Jeremiah 29:11 says that God is preparing "a future and a hope" for us. He has big plans in mind for each of us. The next 3 verses (Jer. 29:12-14) seem to indicate that we must CHOOSE to begin this big search for God and His big plan of "a future and a hope."  It says, "...when you pray ...if you look ... you will find."
God offers a big "future and a hope" plan. So now it's MY turn to respond by taking action to activate this Big Search in my own life! Prayerfully seeking God with ALL my heart, every day, at every opportunity, "to learn of (His) ways and grow closer to (Him)!"
It's not just Him activating His plan in my life...it's also about me activating my search for Him, to discover more about Him and more of the "hidden treasure(s)" He has planned for me TODAY!
The Good News is a Big Promise that when we search "with all (our) heart, (He) WILL be found!"
I guess it's like we can have Easter everyday! The Big Hunt is on...
Today's Big Plan: My Big Search for the Big Treasure...dmc

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