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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Choice by Choice

"The free will I bestowed on you comes with awesome responsibility. Each day presents you with choice after choice... Without a focal point to guide you, you can easily lose your way...stay in communication with Me, living in thankful awareness of My Presence." (273)
The number of choices we make in a single day must be a staggering number! We know that the most important choice we will ever make is choosing to follow after Jesus.  After that, many other choices will readily flow into our lives.  One of the most memorable choices I made, that has impacted many other choices, was when Joe and I were married. During our ceremony, he spontaneously began praying a very gripping prayer that included Joshua 24:15, "Choose you, this day, whom you will serve...as for me and my house, WE WILL SERVE THE LORD."
That prayer, with that choice, set the foundation for our marriage and since that memorable day in 1975 we have continued to make the choice to serve the Lord, over and over again! We have no regrets and we're...
Still Choosing...dmc

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  1. Dawn Marie-
    Thank you for your blog posting today- that I was able to 'stumble across', through a google search this morning. It really spoke to me! I am glad to hear that you and your husband have made it your life goal to CHOOSE to serve the Lord after all these years! It’s heart-warming to know that it has worked for you! My wife of 12 years chose a different course of action. She and our son both almost died when an old cesarean scar burst during her intense labor, they rushed her in to emergency surgery, and the doctors somehow managed to deliver our son through her bladder, but managed to stitch things back together and stabilizing her after she was left with only 4 units of blood flowing thru her veins. Both of these were miracles, as our doctor conveyed to me as she lay motionless in her hospital recovery room. Yes, we had much to be thankful for that June of 1999, our son Matthew would be without ill effect, although it would take almost 3 months for my wife to recuperate and be up and about. About a year later, she began pouring herself into “her”. She got involved in body-building and started entering fitness competitions- and winning! However, she became a different person, and not the one I married. I tried to be there for her, but it was like seeing somebody else, as her fitness persona came out and she started dressing and acting differently. After living through all that, she chose to file for and was granted a divorce in July of 2003. My life was turned upside down as I was forced to go on a mandatory sabbatical from our church and was forced to leave our home and my family. It was not my choice! I stayed close to the Lord, and after about 13 months, the Lord began to open doors for me to lead worship and also to start writing worship songs. My former wife remarried in 2009, but as for me, I am choosing to serve the Lord thru music and will trust HIM to bring me a ‘helpmate’ if that be HIS desire. With all that I have lived through the past 10 years, the only regret that I have is that my childrens mother and I aren’t serving the Lord side- by-side now. I will follow where HE Leads me. Songwriting is my focus, ministry is my passion. You can listen to some of my songs here.. www.audioboo.com\musicman6221. I trust that they bless you as you listen.
    Pastor John M. Didier musicman6221@aol.com